5 Best Google Home Tricks You Should Try

oo, and even though it wasn’t anywhere near as feature-packed as the latter at launch, it has steadily improved its capabilities over the past year, and is currently one of the best smart speakers money can buy. In fact, the company recently also launched a couple new Home devices, the Home Max and Home Mini, both of which are also powered by the company’s AI-based software, Google Assistant. So here is the 5 Best Google Home Tricks You Should Try.

5 Best Google Home Tricks You Should Try

1. Control Your Chromecast Devices

5 Best Google Home Tricks You Should Try

While Google Assistant on your phone only recently earned the ability to control Chromecast devices, Home was blessed with the feature right from the get go. It is one of the best features of Google Home and, one that plays to the strengths of the Chromecast platform. With Google Home’s Chromecast integration, you can issue voice commands to control playback, skip songs, pause, resume, stop, change the volume, and so on.

2. Set up IFTTT

5 Best Google Home Tricks You Should Try

The smart home concept as envisaged by most Sci-fi movie directors are far from the reality today, so you have to keep tweaking a few things here or there for everything to work the way you want them to. That’s exactly where IFTTT comes in. You can use the service to make your Google Home communicate with other smart deviceseven when they are not officially compatible with one another.

3. Play Music via Bluetooth

5 Best Google Home Tricks You Should Try

Google Home was still a work-in-progress for the most part when it was launched commercially last year. It didn’t have many of the features that its more established rival, the Amazon Echo, already had. One of the glaring omissions was the unavailability of Bluetooth streaming, which was a major point of contention among many users. However, all that changed a few weeks ago when the search giant pushed out an update that turned Google Home into a Bluetooth speaker, which means you can now pair your phone with the device to stream any audio you want.

4. Guest Mode and Multiple Users with Voice Recognition

5 Best Google Home Tricks You Should Try

While Amazon Echo may have a lot of advantages over Google Home, there’s one important are where the latter scores over the former: it supports multiple userssimultaneously. In fact, Google Home can also be trained to recognize each user by voice, which means, an entire family or a number of flatmates can get personalized ‘my day’ summaries, and share subscription services like Spotify and Google Play Music, without having to log in and log out of each service every time. To turn below, go to Devices > Guest Mode and turn on the toggle switch.

5. Check Whether a Store is Open

Google Home can also check whether any a store is open or not, and to do that, all you need to say is, “OK Google, check when the nearest Walmart is closing”. This trick works for all just about all kinds of business, from supermarket chains to movie theaters and from restaurants to pharmacies and everything in between.

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