Best Method to Track Friend’s Activity on Facebook

Hi guys, I am again here after getting a lot of requests to track friend’s activity on Facebook. I have cleared to all that I don’t do illegal things on internet but still people ask me to hack friend’s Facebook account. Sorry for that, I can’t do that. So, I am sharing a legal trick to track your friends activity on Facebook. This method will help you to monitor friend’s activity on Facebook. So here is the Best Method to Track Friend’s Activity on Facebook.

Best Method to Track Friend’s Activity on Facebook

What you can Track or Monitor with this Method

I use this method to track my friend’s activities on Facebook. This trick tell me what is my friend liking on Facebook, where is he commenting and whats about he talking.

How To Track Friend’s Activity on Facebook

1. Firstly, go to from your desktop or laptop (recommended).

2. Now, login with your details like email / phone and password.

3. Just go to facebook home page and look at right side of the window.

4. You will get 2 sections there online friends and 1 more section above it.

5. You will get a list of friend’s activity in that section. You will get names of your friends and his activity such as – likes, comments, shares etc. Loot at these images – track-friends-activity-on-facebook

6. You can see friend’s activity in the above section and also you can view the picture where your friends is commenting by moving your mouse there.

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