Essential Phone Review – A New Smartphone With Bezel Less

When it comes to a brand which has no track record for giving smartphones, the Essential Phone is quite an impressive offering in its first attempt.
This phone is officially termed as Essential PH-1, is quite phenomenal and it looks like a slab of glass and ceramic which seems quite basic in what it is trying to achieve, but it does come with a variety of features which is not quite ready to showcase yet. It does have lots of other significant offerings which we will discuss later. So here is the Essential Phone Review – A New Smartphone With Bezel Less.

Essential Phone Review – A New Smartphone With Bezel Less

1. Camera

Talking about the 360-degree camera, it is quite convincing as it comes with a sensor which matches with the sensor inside the Google Pixel camera. However, the camera does seep power from the phone in order to operate, while the data is transmitted in wireless mode and it works without any flaw. Although Essential only had few camera as pre-production units to showcase, it does leave us quite concerned that different accessories which may come with PH-1 are distant.

2. Design

Essential Phone manages to fit a screen of 5.7 inch which has a display of 2,560×1,312 into its chassis, and this doesn’t feel large. When compared with Google Pixel XL, it does seem like similar size in hand, but the screen is way too much in comparison. One of the salient feature of Essential is the bezel reduction, which it has taken to whole new level. You can easily find a significantly small bezel “chin” right at the bottom of the phone, but talking about the screen, it does spill over the top where you can see the selfie camera.

3. Battery

At first, we experienced poor battery life with this phone. The phone had less battery charged which is not satisfactorily at all, especially when judged first. After some research, we found that it was due to an app we had which was draining the battery, so we uninstalled it and found that its battery is quite satisfactory.


1.Striking design – It comes with great design to show off and definitely catches the eye.
2.Technology wise this phone is packed with great features and fit for advanced users.
3.It comes with latest Android.
4.Its camera performance is quite good and delivers decent images.
5.The battery life is considerably better and supports fast charging.


1.Its Accessory port doesn’t have much use especially due to lack of accessories available.
2.Compared to other flagship phones of similar capability, this phone is expensive.
3.Owing to its glossy back surface, it is a fingerprint magnet which does decrease its appeal.

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