Facebook Messenger VS Messenger Lite

With over 1.3 billion monthly active users, Facebook Messenger is at par with WhatsApp, which passed the same figure in July 2017. The original Messenger app comes loaded with several advanced features such as support for GIFs, animations, over-sized emojis, Stories, and etc. So here is the Facebook Messenger VS Messenger Lite.

Facebook Messenger VS Messenger Lite

1. Memory Consumption

Facebook’s original messenger app multiplies in size and consumes more storage over a period of time. The Messenger takes up total 199MB data, out of which the app size itself is 139MB while the user data is 59.72MB. On the other hand, Messenger Lite takes up a total space of just over 25MB, out of which the app size is 20.20MB and the user data is over 3MB.


The average memory usage is around 187MB for the Facebook Messenger while the Messenger Lite uses just 46MB of memory.

2. Overall Design

One of the main difference between the two apps is the user interface (UI). The Messenger app looks cramped up with several action buttons. The navigation bar at the bottom comprises buttons for Home, Contacts, Camera, Games, and Bots. Messages, Active, Groups, and Calls buttons are at the top along with the search bar and the Me bubble for the user profile. This makes the whole chatting experience unintuitive.


Messenger Lite, however, ditches almost all of these extra features and focuses on three simple buttons at the top for Home, Contacts, and Profile. You can simply swipe right or left to toggle among them.

3. Features and Capabilities

With Messenger Lite, you can send and receive messages, images, voice notes, and stickers and make/receive audio calls using Wi-Fi. One thing you cannot do with Lite is make or receive video calls and it’s okay, if you ask me, as you already have dozens of apps for video calls.


However, one area where Messenger Lite falls short is security. Facebook Messenger offers end-to-end encryption with Secret Conversations.


Also, since the whole idea behind Lite is to save data, it doesn’t feature animations in stickers, GIFs, and location sharing.

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