Google Home Mini Vs Amazon Echo Dot

When it comes to smart speaker ecosystem, the competition is becoming tougher by days. With various companies trying to capture the booming market, they have launched and planning to launch their own smart speaker system. It is fueled by the desire of the technology-driven people who wish to have a smart speaker system in their home to meet their variety of requirements. Even I also wonder what is going to be the present and future of the smart speaker systems. With plenty of options available in the market, it is hard to select the right one. so here is the Google Home Mini Vs Amazon Echo Dot.

Google Home Mini Vs Amazon Echo Dot

Build and Design

Talking about the size, the Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot are almost similar. But when it comes to design as well as aesthetics of both the products, it varies by a huge margin. The Home Mini has a pebble-like flat design, and when it comes to Echo Dot, it is more like its elder brethren’s famous circular pill shape. When we talk about the specifics, the Echo Dot is almost 10 mm smaller in diameter and in height, when compared with Home Mini’s convex fabric top.

Voice recognition

In terms of their important feature, voice recognition, both the devices are fairly matched. This feature has the most important task than anyone will ever execute on these smart speaker systems. Both devices use hands-free far-field recognition technology in order to listen to the commands of the user. This technology allows the speakers to listen to the activation or “wake-word” even from far distance or even during music playback. This technology makes these devices, state-of-the-art smart speaker systems.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality of both the systems, there isn’t much difference. The Echo Dot consists of a single 0.6-inch speaker while Google Home Mini offers a 360-degree sound experience due to its larger 40mm audio driver that it consists of. This feature does provide awesome sound quality. This quality also infers that Home Mini may be a bit louder than the Echo Dot, but you won’t be able to notice the difference unless you listen to both of them in reality.


In order to keep its simplicity ideals in mind, the Google Home Mini comes with a single micro-USB port which is present at the back of the smart speaker system. In this criteria, the Echo Dot does take the lead with the introduction of a 3.5mm headphone jack along with the micro-USB charging port which essentially means that it can easily be connected to an external speaker, physically. However, this is not possible with Google Home Mini. So when you consider Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot in terms of connectivity, the Echo Dot clearly has the advantage.

Smart capabilities

Even though people are very much familiar with the smart capabilities of Google Assistant, it doesn’t actually mean that Alexa voice assistant from Amazon is lacking. Alexa has been around for more than three years, and it has established itself as a brand in the ever-growing smart speaker system market and also has made its way to the smartphones.

Pricing and Availability

By providing better voice recognition and a smaller price tag of $49.99, Amazon updated its original Echo Dot nearly a year ago. It convinced number of the customer to opt for upgrading their homes with voice assistance of Alexa. But Google has set its own mission to outperform the success of Echo Dot with its mini speaker enabled with Google Assistant. At present, the Home Mini is priced at $49 in order to compete with the Amazon in this budget section. So, when it comes to pricing aspect of Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot, the difference is not that much. However, it may play a key role for some people.

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