Mechanical Keyboard Vs. Regular Keyboard

If you are a computer or a laptop user, you must know already that how important a keyboard is?

We all know about it, but in this blog post, I would like to discuss about the Keyboards in detail. We will talk about the Mechanical Keyboard and Regular Keyboard as well. So here is the Mechanical Keyboard Vs. Regular Keyboard.

Mechanical Keyboard Vs. Regular Keyboard

What is a Keyboard?

The keyboard is an external input device that can be attached to a computer either with wire or Bluetooth. It is used to input the letters, characters, and different commands to the computer.

Despite being an external input device, Keyboard is an essential part of a computer because, without it, you cannot input letters, characters, etc. to your computer. However, the onscreen keyboard can help you if you don’t have a physical keyboard but that is for urgent cases; that cannot replace the external keyboard at all.

What is a Membrane Keyboard?

A membrane keyboard is also known as Regular Keyboard. This keyboard uses rubber-like membrane underneath the buttons which makes contact with circuit whenever the buttons are pressed. Because of the use of the membrane, it is called Membrane Keyboard.

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

The keyboards that use spring and switches for each button are called Mechanical Keyboard. There are different switches used in these keyboards but the German company Cherry dominated this industry, and their Cherry Switches are used in most of the Mechanical Keyboards.

Let’s talk a bit about Mechanical Keyboard Switches

To actuate linear switches you have to press the keys all the way down which is kind of a Membrane keyboard keys but to actuate Tactile switches you have to press the keys halfway through. I love to work with the Mechanical Keyboard that uses tactile Switches as they are comfortable. As long as you finish pressing, the key bounces back quickly because of spring, and the typing becomes pleasant. You can read more about Mechanical Keyboard Switches here.

Why Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Gaming?

I have been being asked by some of my friends that why mechanical keyboards are good for gaming because they were using the regular one, and wanted to know more about mechanical keyboards. And, that is why I thought to mention this in this blog post.

Benefits of a Mechanical Keyboard

1. Most of the geeky people, love to hear the sound of keystrokes. And, Mechanical Keyboards are the best at it as they produce sharp sound when buttons are pressed.

2. Because of the spring, when you press buttons, they bounce back which improves your typing both in terms of speed and comfort.

3. If you are a hardcore gamer, you don’t need to go for the extra keyboard if you are already using the Mechanical keyboard because it’s great for gaming as I discussed earlier in this post.

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