Media Net Review Ad Network By Yahoo

Understanding the monetizing process from a blog is quite typical and mind numbing. When it comes to earning money from a blog, it comes down either to Google AdSense or Affiliate Marketing. It is one of the simplest ways to earn money by placing PPC advertisements on the blog and getting paid based on the quality of traffic and clicks on the advertisements. They are considered to be the few of the best monetization ways. So here is the Media Net Review Ad Network By Yahoo

Media Net Review Ad Network By Yahoo

1. Main Features of Media.Net

Simple Contextual Ad Network
A contextual ad network such as hosts advertisements which is based on the page context. To understand it better, let us assume that you are running a ads on your web page which is about tourism and your readers will be displayed with advertisements which are related to tourism and travel products. In case your webpage is about smartphones, then it will display ads which are related to smartphones and apps which are compatible with the smartphone.

2. Ad Customization

To customize the advertisements, comes with loads of features. It allows the user to create custom ad units so that it can match with the existing design of your website as well its branding. It comes with over 15 ad sizes which include all of the popular IAB sizes along with few uncommon ones.

3. Advanced Ad Targeting Options utilizes much advanced auto-learning algorithms which also make sure that the user pages only get the most relevant ads. With this advanced technology, scans all the pages of the user website and then categorize along with classifying the pages on the basis of its content and then detect the important concept of every page on the website.

4. Display Ads for Mobile Devices

One of the salient feature of this platform is that it allows the user to host mobile ads. This feature is presently in beta, but with ever increasing number of smartphone users in the world, the mobile ads are the considered to be the future of advertising for the publishers around the world. mobile detection technology inherently learns about mobile browsers and present mobile ads which assist the user to earn extra income using display ads.

Getting Started with

When it comes to quality check procedure, is quite stringent which is required for a user to pass in order to be able to display ads. The user has to submit the website for review using a link. This is a special type of link for the RTB readers which allows and helps the user to earn 10% extra for the first 3 months of the subscription. One can apply for multiple websites by using the same page.

In order to get approved as a publisher, the website should only be in English language and should get most of its traffic from US, UK, and Canada and must provide useful content to the visitors of the website.


1. Higher Revenue Per Thousand Impressions – provides one of the best RPM rates in the industry especially because it only accepts website which has most visitors from countries like the US, UK, and Canada.

2. Impressive Customer Support – Once the account is approved, the user is allocated with a dedicated account manager who assists the user in optimizing the ads as well as maximizing the revenue.

3. Ad Design Options for Higher Conversion – With its intuitive ad designs, it perfectly blends with the blog layouts which results in higher CTR. The user can easily change the ad style according to the website design.


1. Double Click for some ads – In the case of few ads, it requires double click from the visitors to get to the targeted website. It is only then you get paid. This can result in less revenue than expected.

2. No Real Time Revenue Update – For some unknown reasons, this platform doesn’t provide you the daily earning through your website. The user has to wait for the next day to find out the total income.

3. Useful only when a website receives traffic from US, UK, and Canada – In case your website gets most of the traffic from other countries rather than the ones mentioned before, then you won’t be able to utilize the traffic. There is also a chance that your website might not even get approved by

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