Razer Phone FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

Razer, as a gaming brand has gained quite a reputation over the past several years. They’ve made some excellent peripherals for gamers like headsets, mice, keyboards in addition to some powerful gaming laptops that’s packed with top-of-the-line hardware. However, the company’s focus changed earlier this year after they acquired Nextbit, the startup behind the “cloud smartphone” called Robin. So here is the Razer Phone FAQ: Everything You Need to Know.

Razer Phone FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

Razer Phone FAQ: Design and Build

Razer Phone FAQ Featured

  • What is the Razer Phone made of?

The new Razer Phone is crafted from aluminium, and just like their other products, the company makes no compromises when it comes to build quality. The phone looks and feels rock solid in the hand.

  • Does the Razer Phone have a bezel-less display?

No, the Razer Phone does not have a bezel-less display. The company had to keep the top and bottom bezels to make room for the phone’s front-facing stereo speakers.

  • Is the Razer Phone waterproof?

No, the new Razer Phone doesn’t have any IP certification, and hence it’s not dust or waterproof. So, make sure you don’t drop this phone accidentally into the swimming pool.

  • Does the Razer Phone look similar to the Nextbit Robin?

Yes, Razer’s first smartphone looks like an all-black version of the Nextbit Robin with sharp edges, but that’s understandable considering the fact that the company acquired Nextbit earlier this year.

Razer Phone FAQ: Connectivity

  • Will Razer Phone support CDMA networks in the United States?

No, Razer Phone will not be able to support CDMA networks like Sprint and Verizon in the United States. Instead, the phone will be available for use only through a GSM network like AT&T or T-Mobile.

  • Will the Razer Phone support Jio’s LTE services in India?

Reliance Jio utilizes 1800 MHz, 850 MHz and 2300 MHz frequency bands for their LTE network across India, all of which are supported by the new Razer Phone. Therefore, you’ll be able to take advantage of the company’s VoLTE services.

  • Does the Razer Phone support dual-SIM cards?

No, the Razer Phone supports only a single SIM card, which is disappointing considering the fact that most of the competition offers hybrid slots that can be used for storing 2 SIM cards at a time.

  • Does the Razer Phone have a 3.5 mm headphone jack?

No, the Razer Phone lacks a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which is disappointing to say the least. However, the company includes a USB-C to 3.5 mm dongle with a 24-bit DAC to deliver THX-certified audio, so this should not really be a major concern.

  • Does the Razer Phone support Bluetooth 5.0?

Unfortunately Razer’s first smartphone still features the older Bluetooth 4.2, so you won’t be getting the speed and range benefits that Bluetooth 5.0 has to offer.

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