Surface Book 2 vs Surface Book : Quick Comparison

When Microsoft launched the first Surface Book back in 2015, I was drooling all over it. Seriously, during the keynote when they detached the screen from the laptop base, my heart just skipped a beat. For me, that moment was right up there with the moment when Steve Jobs pulled out the MacBook Air from inside a vanilla envelope. So here is the Surface Book 2 vs Surface Book : Quick Comparison.

Surface Book 2 vs Surface Book : Quick Comparison

Design and Build Quality

The Surface Book 2’s design follows the same principle of the original Surface Book and that’s not necessarily the bad thing. I loved the industrial design of the original Surface Book and am happy to see that return. However, this also means that if you hated the original design, you will hate this one too. I know many people had a problem with the hinge design of the Surface Book and sadly its still here to stay.


Where the new Surface Books have truly changed from its predecessors is in the hardware department. The new hardware in the Surface Book 2 puts it well above its original counterpart. Almost everything about them has been upgraded including the IO. We have divided the hardware into different sections to highlight the main changes that the all-new Surface Book 2 brings to the table.


By now you must have understood that Surface Book 2 is a huge performance upgrade over the original one. The quad-core CPU combined with the new (Nvidia) 10-series GPU with 2-6GB of dedicated VRAM makes this one a beast. Not only it will handle the day-to-day tasks with ease, it will really shine when you throw everything at it. Now, tasks like video-editing, 3-D rendering, AR, and VR can be handled with ease. Not only that, you will now also be able to play graphics intensive games at pretty good frame rates. If you buy this machine and you have a complaint, I am betting that it will never be about performance.

Pricing and Availability

Despite bringing so many new features and such a performance boost, the Surface Book 2 start at the same $1499 price tag for the base model of 13-inch version. However, the base version sports a 7th generation Intel Core-i5 processor with no dedicated GPU. The 15-inch version starts at a price of $2499 which will get you an 8th generation Core-i7 with dedicated GTX 1060 GPU. You can check out all the other configuration options with their pricing below. You can pre-order your device on November 9, however, the exact shipping date is yet to be confirmed.

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