Top 3 Best Reasons To Jailbreak Your iPhone

Hot on the heels of recent iOS 10.2 jailbreaks, a lot of new users are wondering what’s all the fuss about jailbreaking your iPhone. We, at Beebom, are dedicated to creating some of the best explainers on the Internet. The other day we explained what actually is jailbreaking and other related questions you may have as a beginner. Most people will agree that jailbreaking an iDevice has become a lot less appealing than it used to be a few years ago. So here is the Top 3 Best Reasons To Jailbreak Your iPhone.

Top 3 Best Reasons To Jailbreak Your iPhone

1. Customize iOS

When I first switched from Android to iOS, my biggest concern was the lack of customization options in iOS. On Android, you can easily change the home screen, lock screen, system fonts or pretty much anything, without going through the hassle of rooting your device. There are a few ways to customize iOS’s home screen without jailbreaking, but truth be told, most of them are clunky workarounds. If you want to break apart from the shackle of default rows and columns layout, jailbreaking opens a new dimension altogether.

2. Access to the File System

Apple doesn’t allow you to access the file system directly, perhaps for the sake of simplicity. But, sometimes you really need to access the file system. For instance, casual users may want to rename, modify or compress some files. Power users would love to tweak the settings in the system files.

On jailbroken iPhones, you can install Filza file manager to browse and modify the entire file structure. And comes with an inbuilt media player, supports file sharing protocols like SMB and cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive. It comes with IPA installer, so you can directly install source IPA files, just as you install an APK on Android. It also features a DEB installer, so you can install jailbreak tweaks outside of the Cydia store. Also, it is highly customizable with support for themes, custom folder icons, etc.

3. Enhance Functionality

With the right kind of jailbroken apps, you can enhance the functionality of existing features like the TouchID, 3D touch and Siri. By default, you can use TouchID to unlock your iPhone, purchase content from iTunes, etc. If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone, you can extend the functionality of TouchID to lock down individual apps or use it as a virtual home button replacement. You can use Siri as an overlay instead of having to take it over your screen, à la macOS style.

Also, there are certain iPad-specific features that’ll probably never see the light of day on iPhones. Fortunately, there are jailbreak tweaks that bring iPad’s Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode and iPad-style Slide Over and split-screen multitasking to iPhones.

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