Top 5 Best Bixby Commands You Should Try

When Samsung Introduced Bixby with its 2017 flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, the whole tech world instantly went up in arms and shot down the smart assistant before it even took one breath. Even we were a little sceptical about the need of a new smart assistant when Google Assistant was already available for the Android devices. Not only the Google Assistant was available, it single handedly beat other assistant present at that time. However, our views changed when we really started using Bixby with its voice commands. So here is the Top 5 Best Bixby Commands You Should Try.

Top 5 Best Bixby Commands You Should Try

1. Launching Apps

You can easily launch any app on your device with the help of Bixby. Just say, “Hi Bixby, launch < insert app name>” and Bixby will launch that app for you.

Instead of the command “launch”, you can also say, “open” and Bixby will launch the app without any problem.

2. Turning on Flashlight

I don’t know about you but I am constantly using my smartphone’s flash as a flashlight. Now, you can unlock the device and then turn on flashlight manually, or, you can ask Bixby to do that for you. Just say, “Hi Bixby, turn on the flashlight” and Bixby will turn on the flashlight without you having to unlock your device.

3. Send a Message

This is one of the most well-known commands you can perform using Bixby or any other smart assistant for that matter. Just say, “Hi Bixby, send a message to <contact name>” and it will open the messages app with that contact in the sender tab. Now, you can dictate your message and confirm to send it.

4. Change the Camera Mode

Let’s say you are using your smartphone with one hand as you are taking a selfie. Well, now you want to record a small video but the everything is in its perfect position and you don’t want to change that. Well, just say, “Hi Bixby, change the camera mode to video” and your smart assistant will do the same. Now, don’t tell me that’s not cool.

5. Close the Notification Panel

If you don’t want to clear the notification but just want to close the panel after viewing the notification, you have to say, “Hi Bixby, close the notification panel” and Bixby will close the notification panel without clearing the notification.

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