Top 5 Best Bixby Tips And Tricks

When Samsung launched Bixby Voice, we pitted it against the best voice assistants available in the market. After testing, we found out that Bixby Voice was not as incompetent as the tech world deemed it to be. When it came to controlling your smartphone’s interface, Bixby beat both Google Assistant and Siri hands down. Since then, we have written many articles covering the best Bixby commands you can use to get the most out of this voice assistant. So here is the Top 5 Best Bixby Tips And Tricks.

Top 5 Best Bixby Tips And Tricks

1. Use Bixby Vision as Translator

Bixby is not just your average voice assistant. It also comes with various inbuilt features which give it extra power. One of those features is the Bixby Vision. Everybody knows that Bixby Vision can scan an object and show you various related results from the internet (however it’s still hit and miss), but did you know that you can also use Bixby Vision as a translator? Well, you can. Just launch your camera and hit the Bixby vision button. Now, point it to the text you want to translate and then select the Text option.

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Now, just select the “Translate” button and swipe with your finger on the text you want to translate, and Bixby will translate the text for you. Let me be the first to say, it’s not as intuitive as Google Translate, but seeing it actually work fills me with hope for the future of Bixby.

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2. Use Bixby Vision to Extract Text from Photos

Other than translations, you can also use Bixby Vision for extracting texts from images. The process is very similar to the one we just saw. Launch the camera -> tap on Bixby Vision -> point it towards the picture -> select the text option.

Best bixby Tips and Tricks 3

Here, tap on “Extract” button. You can see in the picture below how good Bixby is in extracting texts from images. I was blown away by the fact that it even extracted the text which was almost fading in the background. This worked way better than I expected.

3. Post Your Photos Directly to Social Media

You can also use Bixby to share photos or screenshots directly to social media. Just use the command, “Hi Bixby, post my last photo to Instagram“. If you are already inside gallery app and see a photo you want to post, just say, “Hi Bixby, post this photo to Facebook“. You can even use a complex command like, “Hi Bixby, take a screenshot and post it on Twitter” or, “Hi Bixby, take a selfie and post it on Instagram“. With these commands in your hand, you will be posting images on social media in no time.

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4. Dictate Messages Using Bixby

You can also use Bixby to dictate messages so that you don’t have to type them. To do that, go to Bixby Settings page by as we did in the previous tip (Bixby Home -> 3-dots menu -> Settings), and then scroll down to find “Dictation on Keyboard” and then enable it. Now, whenever your keyboard is invoked, you can use Bixby to dictate your messages. Just press and hold on to the Bixby button and start dictating your message.

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5. Power-up Your Email Search

Bixby makes it really easy to search for emails from a specific person or email. Just say, “Hi Bixby, search emails from <insert name or email here>” and it will show all the emails which meet your search criteria. Pretty neat, if you ask me.

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