Top 5 Best Free MP3 Download Sites

There are lots of such sites and if your Google it, you can see an overwhelming amount of such sites where you can download your favorite tracks for free. However, going through these sites can be a hassle as it contains unnecessary, annoying ads along with redirection to unwanted sites. Many have broken links, and some have bad mp3 quality. So when it comes to finding good mp3 downloading sites, it can be a tiring process. So here is the Top 5 Best Free MP3 Download Sites.

Top 5 Best Free MP3 Download Sites

1. MP3Fusion

This site remains to be the favorite one and considered to be among the best free mp3 downloading site which is out there. If you wish to listen to your songs online, you can do so and even download that mp3 for free. It has almost all genre’s music and allows you to filet with “last 200 search”, “Top 100 download”. The greatest feature of this website is the “search bar” through which you can find your favorite songs. This makes finding the songs quite easy and hassle-free.

2. SongsPK

If you wish to check one of the most popular free mp3 downloading sites, then there is a Pakistani owned website. In case you wish to find Pakistani, Indian (Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood) as well as Hollywood songs then this website is the perfect destination. It is considered to be the best site for Hindi or Bollywood songs. It has various categories like Bollywood, Remix songs, Ghazals, Bhangra, Pop Song, Artists, Weddings and much more.

3. PagalWorld

If you are Bollywood music fanatic, then there is another one of the best mp3 download sites which you can check out. This website is majorly based on Bollywood music as well as other Hindi and Punjabi songs, and it allows you to download your favorite tracks for free. It has a great collection of songs, and it remains to be a good downloading site for Bollywood songs and offers much more. It also provides lyrics as well as albums to download from.

4. MP3Box

This website was placed to among the best free mp3 downloading sites by us in 2017. It provides a blog like experience which also allows you to download mp3 for free. You will love its interface as well as its well-structured filters.

5. MP3 Raid

MP3Raid is certainly the best site in our list. However, this site was down for few days, but rest assured that you will have great experience to download your favorite songs for free. The host links of this website are licensed. So, you never have to bother to download from this site. They offer your songs from all genre’s of music to download and you also get trending as well as top 100 music list to download.

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