Top 5 Best Free Music Players for Mac

Apple’s iTunes on Mac might be good for many purposes but playing your local music is not it has a lot of bloated software which someone uses only when they have to. A music player needs to be light, fast and should make accessing one’s music library easy. It should also be able to easily organize music library, create custom playlists, set preferred audio profiles, support multiple audio formats, deliver the best quality of audio, and have an intuitive and good looking interface. So here are the Top 5 Best Free Music Players for Mac.

Top 5 Best Free Music Players for Mac

1. Audirvana Plus

Audirvana Plus 3 touts itself as a music player for Mac, made for audiophiles. It puts an emphasis on delivering high-quality music to your ears. I am not an audiophile myself so I cannot comment on that but what I can comment on is its amazing syncing and organisational ability. The sync is almost instantaneous.

2. Clementine

Clementine is a feature packed open source music player which acts more than just your music player. You can sync your music from multiple sources such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc. Apart from Apple music, it seems to support every other platform I have used or even heard of. For me, the best part is that not only it plays your music, it can also provide addition information about the song, like its lyrics and the artist’s info.

3. Tomahawk

This is the only app which exists on all the platforms, including macOS, Windows and Linux, and Android. But that is not the only reason it is on our list. Tomahawk is a pretty different music player app and brings its own unique ability to the mix. First of all, it is the only app which automatically scans your Mac’s hard drive and add music to its library.

4. Swinsian

Swinsian is a good and full-fledged music player app for your Mac. It supports the majority of the audio formats, has good organisation structure and is not heavy on resources. It can manage even the biggest of music libraries comfortably. If you listen to podcasts, you will appreciate the inbuilt podcast player that comes with the app.

5. Musique

Musique is another great music player for Mac, which has a simple and modern UI. The controls are pretty simple and easy to get around. The best part about Musique is that it is a very light software and does not gobble up much of your Mac’s resources. It is also available for multiple platforms including Windows and Linux.

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