Top 5 Best Games for PC You Must Try

Strategy games are one category of games that almost everyone enjoys playing. Firstly, they are a lot of fun to play and it’s one game category, where you are in total control of the game. Secondly, there are a ton of great strategy games available on PCs, so you never have a shortage of great strategy games. So, if you are someone who is looking for some new real-time strategy (RTS) games, or a unique experience when it comes to strategy games or just the best strategy games out there for PCs. So here are the Top 5 Best Games for PC You Must Try.

Top 5 Best Games for PC You Must Try

1. World in Conflict

Another great real-time strategy game that lets you experience a hypothetical World War III where the Soviet Union has led a surprise attack on the USA. You get to enjoy being the commander of the army and control everything from the resources to the battle strategies. You can play as the USA and defend against the Soviet surprise attack or you could take control of the attackers and destroy the USA and claim control over the globe.

2. XCOM 2

XCOM 2 is a fairly popular and well-received sequel to the award-winning strategy game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It’s considered one of the deepest strategy games out there in the market with unique gameplay elements. XCOM 2 is a turn-based strategy game where you are the last of the Earth’s remaining defenders against the Aliens.

3. Warcraft III

A classic by Blizzard. The game that changed the foundations of the Warcraft universe. The game which gave birth to the MOBA genre namely “DoTA” and others inspired by it. Warcraft III has one of the richest and immersive stories you will ever experience in a Real-Time strategy game. You will be introduced and able to control iconic Warcraft characters that include, but not limited to Arthas (Pre-Lich King), Illidan The Betrayer, Grommash Hellscream, Uther, and many others.

4. Age of Empires II

The most popular strategy game out there. If you think that Assassin’s Creed teaches you history then you will find that Age of Empires actually lets you relive history in all its might and glory. Age of Empires was a great success, however, Age of Empires II went beyond that and became the most popular title in the entire series.

5. Civilization V

If you are into turn-based strategy games then Sid Meier’s Civilization V is the latest game from the flagship turn-based strategy series. You have the chance to become the supreme leader of the world and see it thrive. You can see the world evolve from the primitive dawn of the man to the modernized space age. Discover newer technologies and evolve your civilization to become the most powerful in the entire world.

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