Top 5 Best Google Assistant Tips And Tricks

We have already put Google Assistant against the best of voice assistants including Hound, Siri, Alexa, and Bixby, and Google Assistant always claimed the first spot. Bixby did perform very well when it came to controlling one’s smartphone, but overall, Google Assistant still remained the king of voice assistants. However, in all those tests we only tested various Google Assistant Commands and didn’t even check out the skills and actions that it offers us. Google Assistant offers us numerous skills and actions to play with. Some of them are useful, some funny, and some downright quirky. So here is the Top 5 Best Google Assistant Tips And Tricks.

Top 5 Best Google Assistant Tips And Tricks

1. Create Events and Add Reminders

This is a common skill which is so heavily used that it is no more considered as a specialized skill rather just an ordinary thing that Google Assistant can perform. Just say, “OK Google, remind me to buy groceries at 5 PM tomorrow” or “OK Google, add meeting with Carol at 5 PM Monday to my calendar” and Google Assistant will either add a reminder or create an event in your calendar based on your commands.

2. Log Your Work

If you are working all the time, it’s time to log your work to see how you are truly performing. Being busy and getting things done are two different things. This is where “Work Log” skill comes in, just say, “OK Google, talk to work log”. When you launch it for the first time, it will ask you to set up your projects. You can set up to 30 different projects. Now whenever you are working on a project, start the work log and it will start logging your time until you tell it to stop.

3. Track expense using Expense Tracker

Just like you can log in your work hours, you can also log in your expenses using the Expense tracker skill. Just say, “OK Google, tell expense tracker that I have spent 20$ for movie tickets”. Or you can first launch the expense tracker skill by saying, “OK Google, talk to expense tracker” and then detail all your expenses.

4. AutoVoice

Tasker is probably one of the most loved apps on Android. The number of automation you can perform using Tasker is unprecedented. Now, all these automation commands can be given just with your voice. You can use Tasker along with AutoVoice to perform all the Tasker automation just with your voice. Just say, “OK Google, Tell auto-voice” followed by your Tasker commands and watch your Assistant carry it out.

5. Control Smart Lights

Google Assistant lets your control smart lights in your home with just your voice. The best part about this is that Assistant has integrated with most of the smart-light manufacturers in the world including Phillips Hue, TP-link, LIFX, Emberlight, and more. Just say, “OK Google, dim the lights” or “OK Google, turn off the kitchen lights” and it will do that for you.

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