Top 5 Best Most Amazing Cool Websites

There are millions of websites available on the Internet. Therefore, it is not possible to explore each and every website. Though there are plenty of useful websites available, only a few number of people are using those websites. Here we going to discuss some amazing cool websites, which are available on the internet, you are probably not using yet. So here is the Top 5 Best Most Amazing Cool Websites.

Top 5 Best Most Amazing Cool Websites

1. Algorithmia

This is one of the cool websites. It lets you convert any black and white picture into coloured one. You can convert a picture from your PC or Laptop or from any URL. In addition, the converted image looks very beautiful using this website. Also, you can download both comparison image (comparison between black & white) as well as the converted coloured image.

2. Web capture

Web capture is one of the cool websites available. It lets you capture any URL from the Internet. If you want to save an URL in form of JPG, PDF or some other format, then web capture is the best option for you. In addition, you can save the URL in your required format. For example, you read any article on a random website and you want to save it for future reference. So using web capture you can capture the whole URL into a PDF file and use it whenever you want.

3. Date to Date Calculator

As the name suggests, this website calculates the number of days between two dates. You need to select the Start Date and End Date. After selecting the two dates, the result will be displayed showing the days. In addition, it also displays some alternatives of time like seconds, hours, days, weeks etc.

4. Printfriendly

Printfriendly website is similar to web capture. You can save any URL available on the internet in various formats like JPG, PDF etc. Only you need to paste the URL whose copy you want to save.

5. Norse Attack Map

The last website in our list is Norse Attack Map which shows live hacking attacks taking place all over the world. It shows the origin of the attack, target countries of hacking, types of attack and live attacks. Open this website and see which countries have been targeted most.

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