Top 5 Best Secure Browsers for Android

The Internet is a wonderful thing that we all love to surf. With websites for all possible domains like education, entertainment, sports, etc., you can garner information on almost any topic that you can think of. Having said that, not all websites are safe. Some websites are designed specifically to infect your smartphone with malware or viruses. This makes it extremely important that you surf the Internet on a secure browser. So here is the Top 5 Best Secure Browsers for Android.

Top 5 Best Secure Browsers for Android

1. Javelin Browser

Javelin Incognito Browser or Javin take your security to the next level. Working solely in private mode, you can browse the Internet while being incognito always. The app has a “Spirit” mode that costs $1.99/month via in-app purchases and brings features like a super-fast private proxy tunnel (VPN) and private browsing that hides your online activity from firewalls.

2. Orfox

Orfox is built from the same source code as Tor Browser which is further built upon Firefox. It has a feature called “HTTPS Everywhere” enabled by default that forces the HTTPS protocol of any website, that is if it has one. For more security, the browser can be locked using a password and, in the private browsing mode, all the trackers get disabled automatically. Furthermore, it disallows you to take screenshots anywhere in the browser.

3. Lightning Browser

Lightning Web Browser is an open source project with its code uploaded on GitHub. It comprises of features like an incognito mode and clearing cache, history, and cookies on exit that are common to most of the other browsers in this list.

4. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus is one of my favorite browsers for Android. Coming with the trust and reliability of Mozilla, it is a fast web browser that protects your privacy. You can use the browser to surf the Internet, and then delete the browsing history and cache with a single tap. Sadly, the app supports only one tab to be opened at a time, but it can block all trackers – advertising, social, and analytics – the setting for which is turned on by default.

5. Dolphin Zero

Unlike most other browsers in this list, Dolphin Zero is a very lightweight browser. While it offers only the features included in the incognito variant of any other browser, you won’t ever have to worry about any of your online activity getting stored. The browser deletes everything, including the browsing history, passwords, cookies, and cache, on exit.

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