Top 5 Best Tips for Faster Web Browsing

How to Increase Broadband Speed? This is a question that we listen to every once in a while! We don’t find that surprising either. We always talk about how the internet has connected the globe and made communication so much easier. But, do you think everyone is able to access the Internet with the same speed? If you do, you’re completely wrong. So here is the Top 5 Best Tips for Faster Web Browsing.

Top 5 Best Tips for Faster Web Browsing

1. Say NO to Multi-Tasking

Even with a fast internet connection, multi-tasking isn’t recommended. When you try to open 10 tabs at the same time, instead of 2, the speed will be pathetic. So, if you think your connection is slow, load single tabs at a time. If you have multiple tabs to open, open them one after another. It also depends upon which type of websites you have opened.

2. Other Programs are Consuming Internet

This can be one reason why your internet connection is comparatively slow. There are a few programs that run in the background and consume internet resources. These programs start when you switch on your PC. So, in other words, you won’t really know that your speed is being eaten up by these programs. If you are looking for a faster browsing experience, you should disable these programs.

3. Take Care of Windows Updates

I used to face this issue in my Windows PC, and it was quite annoying when I had slow internet connection. If you’re not familiar, Windows is supposed to download updates in the background, even when you’re doing something else. Of course, this will consume 90% of your internet bandwidth and make browsing intolerably slower.

4. Use an Ad-Blocker

You might have noticed this: when compared to normal text/image content, ads take more time for loading. It’s not the same case with all ads, but most. Naturally, this can impact your browsing time. To prevent this issue and have a smooth browsing/reading experience, you can use an effective Ad-Blocker program or web browser extension.

5. Get Rid of Junk Stuff

A bit of Cache is useful when you want to survive the slower internet connection. That having said, if you’ve not cleaned the cache for a long period, it can cause some serious internet slowdowns too. So, it’s suggested that you clean your browser cache, cookies and other junk files once in a while. you should also choose one healthy interval for doing this.

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