Top 5 Cool Gboard Tips and Tricks

Among the pool of keyboard apps out there, the one by Google is a very impressive one. And if you recently bought an Android phone, especially one with stock Android, chances are it already came with Gboard pre-loaded. While you may have realized by now that it is fast and offers some really great features, did you know that there are some really cool tricks for it? Now if you are wondering what they are, here are Top 5 Cool Gboard Tips and Tricks :

1. Navigate Text with Gboard

Okay, so you’ve written a pretty long message just to find out there were certain typos here and there. Placing your cursor at the exact spot can be a challenge for some people. Thankfully, Gboard has got your back in this domain. In fact, Gboard gives you more than just a single way to do this. Firstly, you can slide your finger over the spacebar to navigate through text or slide over the delete button to delete it. The second one is the more focused one.

2. Use Shortcuts in Gboard

We all know that shortcuts make our lives easier. Gboard provides us with some cool shortcuts too. Here are a few of them with the steps for how you can use them.

If you have to insert only one punctuation, then this shortcut is a very handy one. Simply long-press on the period key (‘.’) and you will see a list of punctuation marks pop up. You can hover over to any one of them and then lift your finger to insert that.

3. Insert Bitmoji, GIFs, Stickers

I guess that you will agree with me when I say that there is no easier way to express our emotions than by using emojis. If we are on the same boat, then this trick will be really helpful to you. To use it, open the emoji drawer by long-pressing the comma (‘,’) button. Once there, you can navigate between the different tabs to insert either emojis, GIFs, or emoticons.

4. Use Google Search in Gboard

Being a Google product itself, Gboard bridges the gap between you and other Google products to quite an extent. The keyboard app comes with an integrated Google Search that makes searching the web and sharing the results with your friends easier. To use this trick, tap on the Google’s ‘G’ logo on the top-left of the keyboard and search for your query in the space provided.

5. Type Fractions in Gboard

Not all keyboards give us the option to type fractions and Gboard isn’t one of them. To insert fractions, simply tap on the ‘?123’ icon and then long-press any number. You will notice that each number will show different fractions, so you may find the one you’re looking for after some trial and error.

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