Top 5 Hidden Google Chrome Features

Google Chrome has a lot to offer, much more than what meets the eye of a common user. There are hidden features and some experimental features that are usually not available to everyone and you need to enable them specifically. So here is the Top 5 Hidden Google Chrome Features.

Top 5 Hidden Google Chrome Features

1. Password Generation

Of all the things that we do on a web browser, making new passwords each time you have to register a new account is quite literally a pain in the rear part of your body.


However, Chrome promises to help by offering password suggestions every time you are about to create a new account on a web page.

2. Audio Muting UI control

Internet access or, as we commonly call it, web browsing has become very complex and rich with multimedia. These days, websites offer a variety of content and make full use of audio-visual media for maximum impact on the audience.


However, there are times when you are on a particular music portal listening to your favorite radio channel and you visit another website that has some embedded content playing on it.

3. WebUSB

What comes to your mind when you hear the word USB? Pen drives, external hard discs, keyboards, and mice most probably? Well, it’s quite common. However, there are tons of other USB-based devices that we can use but, unfortunately, our computers cannot install such devices.

WebUSB is an important feature for devices that can be controlled directly from a website and do not require a computer to act as a middleman.


4. WebVR

Similar to WebUSB, Chrome can also help users take full advantage of virtual realityor VR content on the browser.


There are a number of websites that offer VR content and if you have Chrome, you don’t need any specialized hardware to view the content.

5. HDR Mode

With more and more devices recording 4K video, many content providers are uploading HDR video on the Internet. HDR, which stands for high dynamic range, offers a higher contrast ratio that results in stunning images and videos.


If you are a Netflix subscriber, you can use this feature quite often, along with several other services that offer support for online HDR content.

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