Top iPhone X Gestures and Shortcuts

We’ve become well-acquainted to the consistent UI of Apple’s iOS devices over years but the iPhone X feels like a breath of fresh air, both in terms of design and interactivity. The iPhone X stretches the display to cover the front of the device, thus, eliminating the home button in the process. So here is the Top iPhone X Gestures and Shortcuts.

Top iPhone X Gestures and Shortcuts

1. Navigate Back to the Home Screen

Due to the edge-to-edge display and lack of a home button, you can no longer press any key to return back to the home screen on the iPhone X. Instead, you need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen, using the omnipresent rectangular bar at the bottom center of the screen.

2.Multi-tasking is Half-a-swipe Away

On any iOS device except the iPhone X, you can open the multi-tasking pane with a double press of the home button on the front. This is the simplest method to switch between apps but the introduction of gestures has made the task a tad bit difficult. You’re now required to swipe up from the bottom, stop halfway, and wait for all open to appear in the form of a carousel. You can then easily swipe through all open apps and tap the one you wanna use but there were many times that I swiped a bit too higher and reached the home screen.

3. Accessing the Control Center

I guess your biggest concern after reading about the swipe gesture to return to the home screen would be about opening the control center. Prior to the release of the iPhone X, the upward swipe gesture was always linked to the control center, but has now been moved to the top in the iPhone X. You can swipe downward on the right of the notch to reveal the control center, where you can use Force Touch for the controls.

4. Checking Out Your Notifications

While swiping down from the right of the notch opens the control center, you can swipe in the downward direction from anywhere else on the top to open the notification center. It is easy to remember to swipe down from the left, so you don’t confuse the said gesture with the right one. Here’s how it looks:

5. Power Off Your iPhone X

This is another major change in Apple’s flagship iPhone X, which has been introduced to give more priority to Siri. Long pressing the power button now surfaces Siri, as you just read above, so you now need to long press the power button and either of the 2 volume buttons to activate the power off and SOS calling screen. You can choose the option you need from the same.

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